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Your data will always remain yours!

Do you want to know exactly which items of your personal data we have? Ask us for an overview. You may also ask us:

  • to edit your personal data;
  • to delete your personal data; or
  • to transfer your personal data to another party.

Email your request to info@hortinext.com and we will arrange it for you.

1. The personal data we collect

HortiNext collects personal data exclusively in order to communicate effectively with you. We obtain your data if you have registered for our newsletter, if you have requested information or articles from us via e-mail or if you have purchased a subscription to our premium articles.

  1. The following data can be collected by us:
  • Surname and first name
  • Company name
  • E-mail address (business)

This data is necessary to correctly address and tell you about the information that we publish.

2. How we use personal data

HortiNext uses the data it collects for two fundamental purposes, which we will describe below in more detail: (1) to keep you informed and send you messages about our professional information and (2) to ensure that you have access to the premium items to which you have subscribed.

  1. Communication: we use the data we collect to communicate with you and to make our communication with you as personal as possible. An example of this is the E-letter we send you every week containing the most important news items. We can also send you invitations to meetings or trade fairs.
  2. Access to premium articles: when you subscribe to our premium articles we need your name and address details. These are used to give you access to the articles and inform you about the articles and messages we publish on our website.

You can always subscribe and unsubscribe to our mailing list and your subscription to the website. You must consciously choose if you want to receive the HortiNext newsletter by e-mail. What you write in your e-mails or what you state in your documents or other personal files will not be collected and used by HortiNext.

3. Reasons why we share personal data

We will only share your personal data with your permission so that we can register you at an event or inform you in due time of current developments, upcoming events or other specialist activities.

In such cases, the companies that approach you on our behalf are obliged to comply with our privacy policy and data security requirements. They are not permitted to use personal data received from us for any other purposes. These parties must also demonstrate that they comply with GDPR legislation.

4. Sub-processors

HortiNext engages sub-processors that support HortiNext in the services it offers its clients.

Name                                    Category                            Purpose                                  Extra

HortiLeads                            Editorial and editor        Editing and maintenance   www.hortileads.nl

InGreenhouses/HortiText      Editorial and editor         Editing and maintenance   www.ingreenhouses.com

IMGemak                              Technology and hosting  Hosting and technology      www.imgemak.nl

5. Right of access, rectification, deletion or data portability

As a data subject within the European Union, you have more extensive rights than before under the AVG/GDPR. You can request to HortiNext for access to your personal details at info@hortinext.com.

You can also send an e-mail to info@hortinext.com for a request to correct or delete your personal data. Your request will be assessed within 48 hours and provided with a response whether or not we accept the request. HortiNext can contact you by telephone to explain our response or clarify any ambiguities, for example.

In order to allow a data subject to inspect or make corrections or delete data on request, HortiNext must be able to securely determine the identity of the data subject. We keep all these requests in a special archive. We do this in order to be able to show the supervisory authorities that we have processed a request and what actions we have carried out for this.

Personal data can be requested by all parties concerned. To request access to your personal data, please follow the procedure below:

  • Send an e-mail with your request to info@hortinext.com.
  • We will then verify your identity and confirm that you the person you profess to be.
  • If you are the legitimate person for making this report, we will confirm this and send you a message about the status of your application. Your request will then be processed (or not).
  • We will contact you by telephone to discuss your request.
  • Depending on your request we will:
    • o give you access to the data;
    • o correct the data; or
    • o delete the data.

6. Cookies and similar technologies

HortiNext uses cookies (small text files that are stored on your device) and similar technologies. This allows us to improve and optimize our services. The text in a cookie often consists of a series of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies your computer.

Visitors to our website give us permission to collect cookies via our website separately.

Reasons for cookies:

  • Saving your preferences and settings: this way, we can ensure that the user experience of our website visitors is optimal. We can also retain your preferences for a longer period of time.
  • Security: we use cookies to detect fraud and the abuse of our websites and services.
  • Analysis: we use cookies and other indicators to collect usage and performance data in order to offer you our services and inform you of our events.
  • Performance: HortiNext uses cookies for the allocation of tasks and to ensure that its websites remain fully operational.

HortiNext, May 2018