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Qlipr, the ideal clamping system for tomatoes and cucumbers

Qlipr is a sustainable, ingenious clamping system for cucumber and tomato plants that can effortlessly compete with similar systems. Over 17 million Qlipr systems have been sold worldwide. Qlipr is easy to use, saves time and improves working conditions.

The Qlipr clamping system is entrepreneur Cor Pellikaan’s best-known innovation to date. It consists of a crop hook and two stainless steel clips that have been equipped with a foam rubber insert. This simple yet smart system can be used by all tomato and cucumber growers, regardless of size, greenhouse height or wire system. Even growers using a moveable wire system or traditional cucumber cultivation methods with jute rope will be able to use Qlipr without any problems at all.


The Qlipr clamps replace the traditional ‘twist’ method, thus preventing tops from breaking off or fruit from growing crooked. An additional advantage is that the Qlipr system allows multiple tasks to be combined, such as lowering plants, pinching out new blooms and immature fruit, and moving or sliding clamps. This is a big improvement in terms of productivity. The Qlips are more durable than any other system, and will generally last about ten years. Not only is this environmentally friendly; it will also lead to lower waste disposal costs.


Paul Jeannet, bedrijfsleider van UrbanFarmers in Den Haag

‘Qlipr is a really interesting system to work with’

By HortiLeads | June 15, 2017

Paul Jeannet, farm manager of the UrbanFarmers rooftop greenhouse in The Hague, has used the Qlipr system for three months in four different crops: …