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Gridmap is the new technology for moving your harvest trolley in the greenhouse without rails. Now, for the first time, a harvest trolley can move around a greenhouse entirely without rails in the concrete floor or processing area.

Simplifying internal logistics with AGV harvesters is nothing new, but the integrated sensors mean you don’t have to make any adjustments to the greenhouse or shed. Gridmap technology is the future for internal logistics solutions because the vehicle needs no rails to travel on.

Gridmap technology

The harvest trolley travels back and forth between the aisles and the processing area and moves down the rows parallel to the pickers. So you no longer need staff to make sure the right trolley is in the right place at the right time. With Gridmap technology, setting up and installing an AGV harvesting system is much less costly and time-consuming than with induction technology.
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HortiKey, a subsidiary of Berg Hortimotive, launches the Plantalyzer at Fruit Logistica. This system is a innovative tool for accurate estimation of vine tomato crops. The Plantalyzer counts the supply of vine tomatoes on the plant in the greenhouse and provides reliable information for an accurate estimate of the harvest. The system is developed in close collaboration with Wageningen University & Research (UR). This development was made possible by Rabobank.

The Plantalyzer uses special cameras to measure the bottom two to three, leaf-free, hanging trusses. The system maps the trusses per stem, the number of fruits per truss and the colour of each fruit. The Plantalyzer thus provides insight into numbers and colour stages. Linking this information to practical data from the greenhouse makes an accurate estimation of the harvest possible.

Better grip on his business

As Andreas Hofland, General Manager HortiKey tells us, 'With the Plantalyzer the grower gets a better grip on his business. The Plantalyzer is able to measure large areas of tomatoes, counting both quantity and maturity. The system does that tirelessly every day, and always in exactly the same way.' The Plantalyzer works fully automatically, and the images are made and analysed on the spot. The system then displays the results on the grower's screen. This makes the Plantalyzer the ultimate sensing instrument for tomatoes.

Driving completely autonomously

Another novelty of this system is that the Plantalyzer drives completely autonomously, without induction. The Plantalyzer is equipped with the Greenhouse Positioning System, so that it always knows the location. Thanks to this latest technology from Berg Hortimotive, the grower gets clear insight into the stock of tomatoes at each specific location in the greenhouse. The Plantalyzer also uses BergDrive, the new operating system that coordinates all logistics movements in the company.

Official launch

Visitors to Fruit Logistica 2018 in Berlin can meet the innovative Plantalyzer for the first time at the Steenks Service and Berg Hortimotive stand (Hall 4.1 stand B11). The system's official launch will be during a symposium at GreenTech, which takes place in Amsterdam in June of this year.

Source and photo: Berg Hortimotive

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HortiKey is contracting Wageningen University and Research Centre and Berg Hortimotive for the realisation of the Plantalyzer. The Plantalyzer automatically measures the tomatoes in the greenhouse while they have not yet been harvested, and so are still hanging on the plant. The Plantalyzer as a counting system for tomatoes gives the grower objectively determined information about the quantity and ripeness of fruit. HortiKey uses this data to expand the system to an accurate crop estimate.

In 2016, HortiKey introduced the CHIMP concept, the Crop Health & Information Monitoring Platform. ‘The CHIMP clearly demonstrated that HortiKey is taking us towards data collection in the greenhouse’, says Andreas Hofland, general manager of HortiKey. ‘The Plantalyzer is the first product to be realised based on this concept. The Plantalyzer is used to record the tomato stocks in the greenhouse automatically. It not only counts the numbers, but the colour stages are also measured.’ In combination with the figures for the realised harvest, HortiKey is continuing developments in order eventually to support the grower in an accurate crop estimate.

Image processing by Wageningen UR

Wageningen University and Research Centre has been selected because they have ample knowledge and experience with measuring tall crops in the greenhouse. Among other things, Wageningen UR has in the past gained experience in the EU-financed projects SpySee, Crops and Gezonde Kas, using camera systems for image capture of high-upright growing crops in the greenhouse and the associated image processing. ‘By choosing Wageningen UR, we are not starting from scratch, but we can use public knowledge and experiences that has already been developed’, according to Hofland. Moreover, in this way we can incorporate the new technologies in the Plantalyzer, which is essential for being able to realise the goal of giving crop estimates. This is about the commitment of high-grade technology and knowledge.

New AGV technology

Berg Hortimotive has been selected because of its new Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) technology. ‘Of course, the fact that HortiKey is a start-up within the Berg group also plays a part, but still HortiKey makes its own choice in the correct technology’, explains Hofland. ‘Berg Hortimotive was chosen because they have developed a new AGV platform, whereby the trolley's location is always known’. ‘That is crucial if one needs to make automatic recordings. Moreover, the AGV can move around autonomously from path to path, so that the grower has nothing to worry about.'

Plantalyzer and AGV as onse system

When asked how the different systems will be combined into one working product, Hofland says: ‘Berg Hortimotive can manufacture the Plantalyzer as a complete system, so with the cameras and software integrated. They can also take it into service worldwide via its extensive dealer network.’

First series are for sale

The first series of four are now being sold to growers. ‘The first group of users will provide us with experience on how often, where and when measurements need to be made for obtaining reliable data. Based on this practical data, and combined with the harvest figures, we will develop an algorithm for the crop estimates’, according to Hofland. The planning assumes that the first four Plantalyzers will start taking measurements in customer greenhouses in 2018.

Source & photo: Berg Hortimotive.

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Leo de Jong is the winner of the Arie van den Berg Innovation award. In the context of the 50th anniversary of Berg Hortimotive, this award is given to a person or company that has a progressive idea for the logistics process in the greenhouse sector.

Inspired by the technology of today's hybrid cars Leo de Jong came up with the idea of generating energy with a pipe-rail trolley! When lowering the hydraulic scissors energy is released, which can be converted into electrical energy by using a simple technique.

Less strain

The energy generated can then be used to recharge the batteries in the pipe-rail trolley. In addition, this system makes sure that the lowering of the scissors puts less strain on the construction and those working on the platform.

According to Arie van den Berg, chairman of the jury and name-giver of the Innovation Award, the idea of Leo de Jong is a well thought out idea for a recognizable problem.

In the coming months a project team will be established with students and teachers of the Avans Hogeschool in Breda and employees of Berg Hortimotive to develop this idea further and to test its (commercial) viability.

Source/photo: Berg Hortimotive.