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Tuinbouwteksten, for content that hits the mark

Effective communication hinges upon the quality of the content: a conviction wholeheartedly shared by Tuinbouwteksten, a copywriting collective with a background in horticulture. Representing all branches of the horticulture industry, Tuinbouwteksten offers specialist knowledge, vast experience and creativity, with a passion for writing and a shared ambition to excel.

The four writers making up the Tuinbouwteksten collective are Mario van Vliet, Theo Brakeboer, Ank van Lier and Suzan Crooijmans. Together, they have more than 100 years of experience as professionals in the copywriting industry. All four write or have written for the most prominent professional journals and numerous Dutch and international horticultural suppliers. This makes Tuinbouwteksten the ideal agency for writing and editing a diverse range of texts, including brochures, articles, websites and user manuals. In addition to this, the collective also offers final editing, as well as consultancy and publication coordination services.

Unique database

Hortirelease is Tuinbouwteksten’s full-service press agency, with a unique database containing over 1,000 addresses of specialised editors of horticultural journals and websites. Horticultural suppliers wishing to gain an edge on the international market will be able to get much more out of their free publicity through Hortirelease, with press releases tailored to their target audiences, translations and targeted mailing.


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