Yields can be increased with new slab

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Yields can be increased with new slab

Grodan develops crop-specific product solutions to meet growers’ requirements. Trials have shown that yields can be increased by up to 5% with this new slab.

Grodan Supreme slab, which was specifically developed for the V cultivation system, is slightly narrower and higher (12x10 cm) than other slabs used in the cultivation of sweet peppers (15x7.5 cm).

New NG2.0 technology

Thanks in part to new NG2.0 technology, this slab offers some major advantages: fast, uniform initial saturation, more efficient use of the entire substrate volume and even better distribution of water and nutrients, especially at the top of the slab. The water content (WC) and EC can be more quickly and more accurately corrected. And all this is entirely in accordance with Precision Growing: maximum year-round performance through the efficient use of water, nutrients and energy. The plants form more healthy, fine roots in the upper part of the slab, ensuring more vigorous growth.

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